something for everyone



Our Farm Market is open daily during our fall festival. There is no charge to enter and no reservations needed. 


Freshly picked apples are available in ½ peck and 1 peck quantities.

The Farm Market houses our state-of-the-art cider mill where you can observe the cider being pressed. Our apple cider is pressed fresh weekly and contains 100% apples. No sugar or preservatives are added. We UV treat our apple cider to remove harmful pathogens without altering the taste. Cider can be frozen for up to one year so stock up!


The Bakery, located inside the Farm Market, is the hub for all seasonal goodies including…

Apple cider donuts made fresh daily all day long. Available in ½ dozen and 1 dozen packages. Did you know that you can freeze apple cider donuts? Stock up!

Caramel made from scratch the old fashioned way with real cream and butter. The caramel is then used for our hand dipped caramel apples, caramel candy and caramel sauce.

Apple pies baked fresh daily. Pies are also available frozen so make sure to stock up for the holidays!

Fudge of various flavors including plain chocolate, peanut butter, chocolate walnut, cookies and cream, caramel chocolate and more.

Kettle corn. Don’t miss out on another customer favorite – our freshly popped kettle corn. Experience this sweet salty treat for yourself!


Honey bees play a vital role in the farm ecosystem as we rely on them to pollinate our apple trees and pumpkins. Another amazing contribution bees make is of course produce honey! Not only is honey a wonderful natural way to sweeten foods, but eating raw honey everyday has shown to help relieve allergies. Our honey is harvested from hives located on-site and is all natural and unprocessed.


Our Farm Market is stocked with specialty food items and unique gift items for your home. Some of our best sellers include apple butter, pumpkin butter, farm related educational children’s toys and seasonal home decor.