Apple Picking Tips

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he start of apple picking season is less than two weeks away! Apple picking is a fun family activity that all ages can participate in. If this is your first time going apple picking at All Seasons Orchard, no worries! Here are some apple picking tips and tricks so that you arrive to the orchard prepared.

We are a farm so make sure to wear comfortable clothing that will protect your skin from tall grass and tree branches. Make sure to keep an eye on the weather report and dress appropriately for the temperature. In addition, comfortable, closed toe shoes are always a good idea.

When you arrive at the orchard, stop by admissions to purchase your apple picking bag. With your bag in-hand, head to our wagon ride station to ride the next wagon up to the orchard. Once at the orchard, an apple orchard guide will direct you to the rows that are available for picking. Make sure you only pick apples in the designated open rows since you don’t want to mistakenly end up picking unripened apples.

Once you’ve identified the apple you want to pick, the best way to pick an apple is to gently pull the branch down towards you and twist the apple up until it falls off the tree. This will also keep the stem on the apple, which will help the apple stay fresh longer. If the apple you’re trying to pick falls to the ground, it’s ok to keep and eat (after washing it, of course). Place the picked apple gently in your apple bag to prevent it from bruising.

For your safety and in order to maintain the health of our trees, please do not climb or shake the apple trees. Doing so can damage the tree and it’s ability to produce fruit next year.

And finally, don’t forget to take lots of pictures to capture this fun Fall family activity!

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