Apple Season 2015 – Open daily September and October

We are open daily rain or shine for our 2015 Fall season (Aug 29 – Nov 1). Stay up to date on our u-pick calendar by signing up for our newsletter or viewing our picking calendar below. We look forward to seeing you at the orchard!

Apple orchard wagon ride

Picking your own apples

Nothing beats the crisp, sweet taste of an apple picked at its peak ripeness. Upon arrival at All Seasons, you’ll head to the orchard by hayride, past our corn maze, pumpkin patch and barnyard play area. Inside the apple orchard you’ll be surrounded by over 10,000 apple trees. We are in McHenry County in Woodstock IL, near the Chicago and Milwaukee metropolitan areas. Check our apple picking calendar below for ripening dates. Sign up for emails to stay up to date on the latest varieties ready for picking.

Honeycrisp apple picking

Picking Honeycrisp apples

Interested in Honeycrisp apple picking? You’ll be happy to know that we are one of the few apple orchards in the area that offers Honeycrisp apple picking.  Visit All Seasons’ apple orchard and experience for yourself the the delicious, juicy and amazingly crisp Honeycrisp apple. There’s a reason why it’s become one of the most popular apples in the country! Refer to our apple picking calendar below for timing.

apples available at the store

Pre-Picked Apples

Apples picked at the peak of their ripeness will be available in our farm market.  Please refer to the Apple Picking Calendar below to check availability.

Apple Picking Calendar

We will be updating our apple picking calendar as each variety becomes ready for picking.  Already picked apples are available in our farm market. To be notified when each variety becomes available, sign up for our newsletter here.

Apple Variety Ripening Date Apple Picking Pre-Picked Apples
Gala Early September Sold out Available now
McIntosh Early September Limited Available now
Cortland Early September Limited Available now
Honeycrisp Mid September Sold out Available now
Golden Delicious Mid September Available now
September Wonder Late September Available now
Asian Pear Late September Available now
Red Delicious Early October Available now
Jonagold Early October Available now
Liberty Early October
Senshu Mid October
Fuji Mid October

Apple Descriptions

Not sure which apples to use for your apple pie or apple sauce?  Refer to our handy chart below.

Apple Variety Flavor Texture Snacking Baking Sauce
Gala Sweet  Crisp  x  x  x
McIntosh Tart  Medium  x  x  x
Liberty Tart, sweet  Medium  x  x  x
Senshu Sweet  Crisp  x  x  x
Honeycrisp Sweet, semi tart  Crisp  x  x
Cortland Semi tart  Medium  x  x  x
Hosui (Asian Pear) Sweet  Medium  x  x
Shinko (Asian Pear) Sweet  Medium  x  x
Golden Delicious Sweet  Medium  x  x  x
Jonagold Sweet  Crisp  x  x
Red Delicious Sweet  Medium  x
Fuji Sweet  Firm  x  x  x