It’s Honeycrisp picking time! We’re excited to share that we will be opening our first rows of Honeycrisp on Saturday, 9/13. Despite the harsh winter, our Honeycrisp trees flourished and we have been blessed with a bountiful crop.

Honeycrisp apples have quickly become the favorite of many. If you’ve never experienced the sweet, tart, crispness of a Honeycrisp apple, you are missing out!

When stored properly in a cool location, these apples will last you months (if you don’t eat them all up first)! In fact, last year we conducted our own experiment to see just how long they would be good for. Our personal stash of apples picked in September lasted us until mid-November. And we think they probably would have lasted even longer if we had the self restraint to not eat the remaining apples!

So come out this weekend and see for yourself how fantastic these apples are!