It’s finally here, the start of Honeycrisp apple picking! Starting this Saturday (9/7/2013), we will open up our first row of Honeycrisp apples for u-pick.

There’s a reason why Honeycrisp apples have quickly become the favorite of many. Its sweet, tart and amazingly crisp texture makes it an unforgettably delicious eating apple. Some might even agree that the Honeycrisp apple has developed quite a fanatic fan following.

Few orchards allow visitors to pick their own Honeycrisp apples. However, picking Honeycrisp apples at All Seasons Orchard has been a fall family tradition for over ten years. And this year, we’ll be opening up even more Honeycrisp trees to the public for picking. As owner James Hong states, “Honeycrisp apples are a favorite of our customers. We noticed the strong interest in Honeycrisp apples very early on and that’s why we made the decision several years ago to plant even more trees.”

In addition to Honeycrisp, we will also be picking Gala and Liberty apples.