Farm Market

No visit is complete to All Seasons without stopping by our farm market. Our market is stocked with specialty food items as well as unique decorations for your home. Pre-picked apples, pumpkins and gourds are also available in the farm market.

Fresh pressed apple cider

Whether served cold or hot with our mulling spice, it is a taste of autumn enjoyed by many. Remember to buy some to freeze for later too.  Frozen cider is good for one year.

Raw honey

Without honey bees, our apple and pumpkin blossoms would not be able to develop into apples and pumpkins.  Bees play a vital role in the farm ecosystem as we rely on them to pollinate our apple trees and pumpkins.

Another amazing contribution bees make is of course produce honey! Not only is honey a wondering natural way to sweeten foods, but eating raw honey everyday has shown to help relieve allergies.  Our honey is all natural, unprocessed and comes straight from our orchard.

Apple butter, pumpkin butter, jams and preserves

With so many different fruit butters and preserves, you’re sure to find a favorite. Some of our best sellers include apple butter, pumpkin butter, black raspberry preserves, and Triple Crown (cherries, raspberries and strawberries). We also provide many varieties sweetened with natural juice instead of sugar.

Hardy Mums

Potted, blooming chrysanthemums are available during the months of September and October. Whether you enjoy them in the pot this fall or plant them in the ground to enjoy them annually, they are a wonderful autumn flower.


Apple butter
Farm Market Seasonal Favorites
Freshly picked apples
Already picked pumpkins and gourds