Yes. We are an admissions based orchard. Any individual over the age of 2 interested in going into the orchard will need to pay admission.  Admission includes the wagon ride to the orchard and the bag of apples you will be picking. Children 2 and under will not be charged admission.

Yes. Anyone interested in going into the Barnyard will need to purchase the Barnyard admission. We invite active military with ID to enjoy the Barnyard on us!

Strollers are allowed in all areas except the wagon ride and orchard. There is an area to park strollers at the wagon ride station.

There is a wagon ride that will take guests into the orchard. Walking to the orchard is not permitted.

We do not allow any pets on the property.

Yes, most barnyard activities will be available on weekdays. Activities that will not be available on weekdays include cow train, bouncy houses, magic shows, pig races.

We accept the following credit and debit cards: Discover, Mastercard, Visa. We do not accept checks.

We do not allow outside food.  But we do have plenty of food options on site at our Country Kitchen, Bakery and Farm Market.

No, we do not charge for parking.

We are located in Woodstock, IL which is approximately one hour from the Chicago and Milwaukee metropolitan areas. Please click here for directions.

Apples should be stored in a perforated bag in the back of the refrigerator.  If stored properly, the apples will last 3-6 months.

Tip: When picking apples, leave the stem in.  Apples will stay fresher longer.

Apple cider can be kept for up to 1 year if it is stored frozen.